Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The same Vespa "Struzzo"

Well at home from the fair at Imola I started to examine my photograhps (a lot of them).
This Vespa 150 from about 1955 (VL2-VL3) seems to have catched my attention. I even took some close-ups of the beautiful accessories.
At first I couldn't figure out why this one "called" upon me. Apparently it's wonderful patina, a true "conservata", stood out among 100's of Vespas.
Then it struck me, I had seen it before!
During our holiday trip to Cortona in Italy I browsed some Italian sales sites and concentrated me on the scooters for sale in the neighborhood. There was a "Struzzo" (ostrich) for sale halfway between Cortona and Arezzo. I dreamt of photographing in it´s natural surroundings in a old Italian village.
When I had mustered enough courage to call the seller for to in stuttering italian try to explain my wish, the adverts wasn't there in any more.
Anyhow, I had saved an image:

Yes, that's the one for sale at the Imola fair!
If I had discovered this while I were at Imola, I of course had asked some questions. Was it the new owner who was trying to earn an extra dollar? Or was it the original owner who gave up in June and decided to make a try at the fair? Who knows...

Original in every aspect, very nice!

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