Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dabbling with a 175 series 1

Today's task, removing the engine from my Lambretta TV 175, series 1.

I have had a rough, very, rough Lambretta TV 175 series 1 from 1958 on my yard. I bought a couple of years ago.
The owner had salvaged it from a scrap yard in the beginning of the 80's.
There it had been idling outside for 10-15 years.
The man who sold it to me brought it home were his two sons played with it. Loosing side panels, saddle and other stuff along the way. Then another 25-30 years outside...
Well, it's a series 1 so I saved it. Thought it was time the let old lady come under a roof. (Well, the missus was displeased with this kind of garden art).
In order to bring it inside I had to take the seized engine out. It was only joint to the frame by the engine bolt at the back. It was very stuck. A hot air gun and rust oil did the trick, after some 45 minutes...
The front wheel was much easier to losen.

Spraying with rust oil, time after time.
Applying heat with a warm air gun (?). Time after time.
The sprint that finally gave in. 
The engine is out, at last.
The other side.
The front wheel was easier to remove.
The frame, not much left.
I had a little helper during work. Couldn't stand the heat?

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