Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Petrol tank saves Lambretta?

A dear colleague and scooterist at work had a Lambretta petrol tank for sale. Chromed! I bought it off him, just in case. Maybe for my TV175 series III or for my yard wreck series I. The S1-tank are in a bad state as you can see. So is the engine, but I have a good S2-engine. Looks like I have the parts for a custom!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Lambretta & Vespa on vinyl

Vinyl records are the best! I just found these in a record shop in Stockholm. I was looking for the Kim Carnes record as I knew it existed, famous for the cover with a Vespa, not for the music. A bit strange to an European though, is it an American VBB? The tail light is unfamiliar to me.
The Nils Tibor record called "Hammond Hit Parade Vol. 6" was a surprise to me, never heard of it. Lovely girl in futuristic shades on a Lambretta 125 Starstream! The record is in excellent shape, guess that it never have been played. That tells something, or...
And, "Vol. 6", does that mean that there is five more records with beautiful girls on classic scooters to be collected?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Scooter premiere 2014, Stockholm

The scooter premiere was held on Saturday 26 of April in Stockholm. 85 scooters, mostly Vespas and Lambrettas (and one Cosa!), participated in the lovely weather. Organized beautifully by Svenska Scooterklubben, Lambretta Club Stockholm, Vespa Club Stockholm and Stockholm Mods Scooter Club.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Another Utilitaria found

My South American correspondent Raul has sent me these pictures. A newly found Vespa 125U in Argentina. He didn't tell me much more than some parts are missing. No pics of handlebar and headlamp, are they missing? Maybe we'll know further on.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I'm back - on a new Vespa

 Except that it isn't new. It's a 1959 Vespa Touring, as they were called in Sweden. An export modell with the 6 hp/150 cc engine but with ten inch wheels.
It has been idle for some years but with some TLC it fired up.
It actually came with an older brother; a 1958 Vespa Touring, the orange one below. Some differences, the older one has the carburettor under the single seat. On the 1959 it's on top of the engine. Both had single seats when sold by the way.

In it's original blue.

The original tire from the Swedish Värnamo brand.

The older one with a non-original colour.