Sunday, 24 April 2011

Buon compleanno, mio figlio!

Adrian, my oldest son, on his 1973 Vespa 50 R.
My oldest son on his Vespa 50 R from 1973. He got it two years ago on his 15th birthday, the legal age in Sweden to drive a moped. He was very surprised since before the birthday he never talked about having av Vespa or moped. But a good father knows what his sons need, I have two more ;-).
The Vespa received a hasty respray in a 60's original Vespa color, giallo, or orange as I would say. The Vespa was blue when I bought it. The wheels was also sprayed in creme. This article was published exactly 17 years after Adrian was born.

Mio figlio maggiore in sua Vespa 50 R da 1973. Il suo generoso padre ha dato lui per il suo 15 ° compleanno. Il colore è originali di Vespa, giallo, ma della 1964-1966. I ruote hanno colori crema. Il casco è una vecchia AGV, anche gialla, o arancia. Il padre è orgoglioso. I vespisti svedese hanno una futura! Ho due figli píu...
Questo articolo è pubblicato esattamente 17 anni dopo il suo nascita, 24 aprile 1994 00.29.


  1. Wandering through your blog has been most enjoyable and I particularly like the orange 50R. My mother bought me that same Vespa when I was 12, and the legal age in Italy at the time was 14. I still have two Vespas today, unable to drop the habit.
    Thank you for this picture taken so long ago.

  2. Nice to hear from you! As you can see from december 2014 my middle son has tried my PK 50 XL. Ciao!