Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vespa World Days - andiamo!

Just about a month left to Vespa World Days in Norway. It starts on the 19th of may. I'm going and looking forward to the event. Were about ten vespistis from Stockholm participating. Then there are more scooterists from other parts of Sweden. I think I'll take a light blue Vespa...
For two years in a row I traveled in Norway during holidays in the beginning of the 90's. On my Vespa PX 200 from 1983 (sold many years ago). I lived in Luleå in the north Sweden at that time. After traveling 180 km I passed the Arctic Circle. When I reached the goal, Andenes on Andöya above Lofoten, I had driven 1 000 km from my home. The distances up north are no joke! The roads in Norway are narrow and curvy, lovely for a Vespa. Camping in the wild is also allowed.

Vado a Vespa World Days 2011, in Norvegia. Un paese molto bellissima! La prima volta a VWD per me. E mi aspetto molto su i raduni e incontro altri vespisti.


  1. Hola, con que Vespa irás a Oslo?¿

  2. Hola tambien!
    Creo que va à mi Vespa U.
    That seems like a good idea as it's in good shape. For now...
    Con que iras tu?

  3. My mistake, you're going on your PX!
    You are "ViajesenVespa", and your riding all the way from Spain?

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  5. Yes, makes it all the way from Barcelona to Px.
    If you use the facebook, there I am Pere Quino.

  6. Great ride! Best of luck and I hope we will meet in Gjövik. Maybe we can take una cerveza bien fria?
    Sorry about my spanish, I studied it 35 years ago. Now I am studying italian in the evenings. My brain mixes italian and spanish so I will concentrate on the language from the Vespas homecountry.
    Bienvenidas al norte!