Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Riding a Lambretta TV 175

Paul S noted in a comment that there has been few blog posts from me this month. Right so, focus has been on getting the Lambretta TV 175 running. Had some issues with the clutch, and after that the clutch wire but that's sorted now.
Both the front and rear brake cables has been adjusted, I think they're pretty good for drum brakes!
I also like the long wheelbase, makes the ride smooth. And it fits my 186 cm height.
The 170 cc engine producing 8,6 bhp is nice, after riding a couple of 125's.
But there should always be time for more riding!

The speedo should go to 120 kph, this is after market.

The saddle is also two-tone.

Li 150 series II with unrestored LD 150 at an exhibition.

A nice series II TV 175, the LD once again in the background.

Some sort of race-Lambretta Luna.

Found an italian friend, a 1954 Fiat 500 C, "Topolino".

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Street legal Lambretta TV 175

Month of May, with not so many blogposts from me. Been a bit lazy, sorry!
Today I got my Lambretta TV 175 from 1958 through the Swedish MOT. A bit tricky this time of the year, lot's of people wanting their two-wheelers examined and approved.
The young clerk (?) handed over a clean sheet with the words; "Funny little machine".
After that I took a ride in to Stockholms old town, and found an old Volvo 210, the station wagon built from the 50's into the late 60's, the Swedish name is "Duett". Yes, meaning duet and it was marketed as "two cars in one", salon and workhorse.
And it's summer!

A clean sheet, hooray!

In front of an vintage Volvo station wagon.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Impressionist's Lambretta?

It's almost like a painting by a french painter from the 19th century, don't you think?
Actually it's the interior of the engine to my Lambretta TV 175 series 1 wreck.
Any useful bits? Don't know yet...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Scooter premiere 2012

The rideout ended at Skeppsbron in the Old City.

The 2012 scooter premiere in Stockholm started with cold and cloudy weather. It got better, by time the rideout started at noon the sun was shining. About 75 scooters were participating, riding through the centre of Stockholm.
My newly restored TV 175 had a good start, and it got even better when I managed to put the fuel tap in the right position.
Midway through the rideout I had problems with the clutch, making it a bit difficult to change gears. I'll try to adjust the cable tomorrow.
Well, a nice day anyhow!

It started at the museum of boats.

Beautiful TV 175 to the right...

In Italt this is called "conservata".

A Vespa 150 from 1956 with sidecar and at least 200 cc...

Friday, 4 May 2012

TV 175 on the premiere!

Tomorrow, on Saturday the 5th of May, it's the scooter premiere here in Stockholm. My dream was to participate on my 1958 Lambretta TV 175, series 1. And it has been fulfilled, thanx to my good mate Jim. He has the skills, the tools and the stamina to make it happen!
I was a bit dubious this Wednesday, the clutch wasn't working very well. "We have to open the engine" said Jim. "Bye, bye, the premiere" were my thoughts. Then Jim fabricated a clutch depressing tool, and then we discovered a broken bearing, with three balls on the loose. Happy days were here again after that was sorted!
Today we continued. After that the cables to the gearbox were installed, I had to take a short drive...
And after we had mounted the last bits, horncover, speedo housing etc, it was time for a test drive. It went to the local groceries, 5 km's away, to buy coffe and mustard. It went very well and it was a blast to drive the Lammy! Although I have to take it easy, the piston and rings are new.
So, it's gonna be a great day tomorrow. Stay tuned for a report!

I couldn't wait...

The TV 175 starts very nice.

"Hey, look, both brake lights are working".