Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Giro del mondo in Vespa

I just discovered that my board game "Tour de monde en Vespa" was incomplete. The picture above shows that you besides the Vespas has an indian, an asian, an african and a kangaroo as checkers.
The pictures is from the italian version "Giro del mondo in Vespa" which has a square box, or is it a later version?
Fat chance of finding the missing checkers? Don't think so...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tour du monde en Vespa!

I have bought another Vespa collectible, the french cardboard game "Tour de monde en Vespa", World tour on Vespa or Giro Mondiale in Vespa (not quite sure about that translation to italian).
A friend bought in France this autumn and then when was kind enough to pass it on to me. Luckily he is not a Vespa freak, although he owns a 60's Ciao in mint condition.
The game is from about the mid-fifties, lots of fun and beautiful stuff to get around the world. As a player you belong to a Vespa Club and get a marker in the form of a Vespa in, maybe, pewter. Then you have dices and a peg-top (?) to spin in order to stop or help you.
My 37 year old school french isn't very useful when I'm trying to read the rules and regulations (i.e. how to play).
Maybe I'll try to play it anyhow with the family during Christmas!

Spin it and you know what to do.

The stuff that makes the game go forward.

The players on their Faro bassos.

You travel in North & South America.

As you can see we live in igloos in northern Sweden.

The faro basso looks awfully big...

Monday, 19 November 2012

My Vespa from Bandai!

Yes! I have acquired a tin toy Vespa from Bandai. It arrived with the post today.
According to the book "Vespa Forever" by Robin Davy it's from about 1957. The colours where silver, red, white and - green!
Mine has been played with, one hubcap is missing and there is some surface rust. The steering column has only one tab instead of three fixating it to the front wheel and fender. The handlebar is a little bit broken. But I don't care, I'm still happy over it!

Bad news - and good ones

A mishap occured when my Vespa PK 50 XL was about to get a new wheel bearing at the front. When I moved it in my car, it fell on the side (shoddy fastening on my part). The plastic handle bar cover went to pieces, as part of the head lamp. The changing of the bearing went well, but now it's not really drivable, at least in trafic.
Well, the handle bar cover and a head lamp is available through SIP. About to place an order!
Then I have to paint it. Did a test at a paint shop with a spectrometer and came up with similar colour. Since its not an original colour there is no colour number available. I hope it will match.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Mods in sub-culture film

There was a stunt for Fred Perry here in Stockholm yesterday. Celebrating the brands 60th birthday. Main feature, according to me, was the screening of the movie on British subcultures by Don Letts. Originally a series of six short documentaries on Channel 4, now in one go.
From teddy boys, rockers, mods, skinheads, rudeboys to disco, soulboys, rave and britpop. Funny how the subcultures in the beginning influenced each other. Good footage and music, I enjoyed! And of course some Vespa- and Lambretta-spotting.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An Avon Spartan Scooter-tyre

I found an Avon Spartan Scooter tyre at a dealer, size 3.00 X 10. The pattern is okay since it is unused. The rubber, is, a bit hard. Won't try it on any of my scooters. I got it for free, so no loss on my part.
And I'm pretty sure I won't get 23% more grip. I wonder of CLING is different from Spartan?
Avon started 1904 in England but are now owned by the american company Cooper.
I also have updated my post "The Abandoned Vespa PK S" with a new picture!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Vespa 946 at EICMA 2012

The EICMA 2012 show opens in Milan on the 15th of November. The new Vespa 946 (called just 46 or Quarantsei last year) will hit the stands. Piaggio will obviously build it then. The design echoes of the Vespa prototype MP6, the 98 and a hint of Utlitaria (if you´re asking me).
The engine will be a 125 cc, fourstroke, 3-valve, electronic injection and producing a  healthy 11,7 hp at 8 250 rpm. Additions to last years concept model is the mirrors and the turn signals. According to Piaggio they start selling it in July 2013.
I'm still doubtful of the saddle though. Maybe it looks better "in the flesh".

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Holiday in the Veneto-region

The first Vespa, in a small square in Treviso. A 50R?

The schools here in Sweden has a week long autumn vacation. The family (five persons) decided to go to Venezia (Venice). We found a cheap hotel outside Treviso, a 25 minute long train ride to the station Venezia Santa Lucia where the water begins. Venezia is very nice, and strange. Not really for a scooter freak.
I did found an adress to Vespa Club Venezia, right in the middle of the houses, alleys and canals. I wounder where they're riding...seriously, they ride over the bank to the mainland I guess. Or maybe the scooters are garaged somewhere in the town of Mestre.
I also found out that the Vespa Club Treviso meet on bar near the Piaggio-dealer. I actually went in to the "Due Ruote Center" and asked for some stuff. But, they had mostly newer parts and accessories.
Then I managed to take som pics of "stray" Vespas along our way. Remember, it was a family holiday. Not search for Vespa and Lambretta spares...
Nicest find? Maybe the Vespa T5 in Treviso. Really nice.

Also Treviso, a rather modern PX with side cowl accessories.

An older Vespa 50, no holes in the wheel rims.

Me outside the Piaggio dealer in Treviso and...

...I think the Vespa Club Treviso have their meetings nearby.

Yeah! A Vespa T5 for two. In the town of Treviso.

An Ape in Belluno, late 60's early 70's? Not me, that is...