Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Giro del mondo in Vespa

I just discovered that my board game "Tour de monde en Vespa" was incomplete. The picture above shows that you besides the Vespas has an indian, an asian, an african and a kangaroo as checkers.
The pictures is from the italian version "Giro del mondo in Vespa" which has a square box, or is it a later version?
Fat chance of finding the missing checkers? Don't think so...


  1. There are multiple different versions of this game, and each are slightly different. I don't recall what the differences are. However, a friend here in San Francisco has all the versions (I think). If you want to compare notes, I can put you in touch.


  2. Thanx! There is always a different version when you collect stuff!
    I certainly would like to get in touch with your "expert".