Sunday, 31 March 2013

TV 175 spring premiere

Today I woke up the Lambretta TV 175 series 1 from it's hibernation. Some trouble, it wouldn't fire up, not even with starter gas. Then I changed battery, a fresh one did the trick. It started on third kick and I went for a short ride. 175 cc beats 50 anyday!
It was nice riding again, although it was a bit chilly. At least the sun warms a little.
I have to sort out the crashbar on the front fender as you can see by the picture, the fit is so-so. Don't know why, it's not an after market-piece, it's from another Series 1.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter, Buona Pasqua!

Is it the 1,4 hp or my arm strength?
Happy Easter and Buona Pasqua to all Vespisti and Lambrettisti in the whole wide world!
Just about +3 degrees C here in Stockholm, so the rideout today on the Vespa PK 50 XL was very brief.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Vespa Primavera for sale?

Yikes! I stumbled on this today. In an old geezer's garage, you can see his feet and legs on the right. He has a lot of old Swedish mopeds and other stuff. This Vespa Primavera 1969 has only 3 650 km's on the speedo! Some small scratches in the paint though.
It might be for sale, at a price?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's Lambretta time again

I recently got hold of the placque above. From the Swedish importer of Lambretta from the early and mid fiifties. Located in Gothenburg they were succeded by Lennart Bergelin as importer, famous tennis coach for Björn Borg. The unreadable part says "150" so it once sat on 150 LD or D. Here it's placed on the handlebar of my Lambretta-wreck, TV 175 series 1.
Below is a picture from the french movie "On foot, on horse, in car" (?). An old Ford Vedette but I'm more interested of the Lambretta LD's at the right.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Shiny decals for Vespa ET3

Here is some strange after market decals that I found on the Imola fair. Perfect for blinging up your Vespa Primavera ET3.
Unfortunately I don't have one. They were never imported to Sweden. Built between 1976 and 1983 and still very popular in Italy. Especially among older gentlemen re-living their youth.
Electronic ignition (E) and a third transfer port (T3), for brisker acceleration compared to the standard Primavera.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lambretta TV 175 silencer

This is an original silencer to a series 1 Lambretta TV 175. Is there any of you Lambrettisti out there who knows of - or can suggest  - a substitute? I guess it's easier to find one for series II and III.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The faro basso Vespa next door

On the 4th of May 1953 the postal service officer Arne Gustafsson placed an order for a Vespa Scooter by the company AB Ingvar Bergengren, primary a Ford dealer. The price for the Vespa 125 was 2 390 Swedish kronor (approx  €280), but he added a windscreen for 85 kronor (€ 9,50) and a pillion for 29 kronor (€ 3,20).
Arne took delievery of the scooter on the 28th of May 1953. Now the price was raised to 2 568 kronor and 67 öre. Due to number plates, registration fee and tax.
Funny thing, the Vespa 125 of 1953 with the prefix VM1T was sold under the name Elit in Sweden, "Elite" of course. But not on this order and invoice, it's just called "Vespa scooter".
Well, this old paper work was for sale at an auction site here in Sweden. When I saw it I discovered that Arne Gustavsson had lived in the house next door to our! We share the fence between the gardens!
So I checked with the old lady, and she told me that it was her deceased husband's brother that bought the Vespa. She remember it vividly since she and her husband to be used to borrow it when they wooed.
When I checked the registration number I could see that her husband actually bought it from his brother, the first owner, in 1958. Didn't check that with her so I have to go back.
The last records of that Vespa that I've found is from 1968, by the fifth owner. But there were no note that it had been scrapped. It probably was.
And I have to check if the little old lady has som pictures of it!

Here is my own faro basso as it was when I bought it.

The invoice from the Ford dealer.

The order for the Vespa, colour is "standard".

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Vespa ride & Lambretta bling

My  front mudguard bumper embellisher has arrived from the chrome firm. It's from another Lambretta TV 175 and was quite rusty and dull. I left to the chrome firm in the early autumn and picked it up a couple of days ago. Quite a job according to the chrome who had to un-weld the overriders to able to polish it before the chrome bath.
Eh, the fit is not perfect. But I have only tried it on briefly, as you can see by the picture. Fitting the exhaust deflector will be easier.
I also managed to ride around the block on the Vespa PK 50 XL. Spring is near!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tin toy scooter from Japan

It's tin toy time again! I just bought this at a fair. To me it's a Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon. From around 1958-1960, and there is no name of the manufacturer on it. Although there is a small badge on the side that says "Silver Pigeon". Underneath "Made in Japan" is stamped on the tin metal.
Mitsubishi produced it's first scooter in 1946, orginally an american scooter. During the 50's it competed with fellow Japanese scooters Honda Juno and Fuji Rabbit. The scooter era at Mitsubishi ended in 1963 after some 463 000 had been built in different series. The models around 1958-1960 were C-93 and C-111, about 200 cc.
In the background; my Bandai Vespa GS.

The badge on side cowl says "Silver Pigeon".

"Made in Japan", the only branding on the scooter.