Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lambretta B - a real beauty!

Not much scootering happening here in Stockholm. Have to go back to the lovely weekend in Imola last september. What really caught my eye was this Lambretta B, the second scooter model coming out of the Innocenti factory.
The production started in November 1948. Improvements were made compared to the Lambretta m (later referred to as the "A"). The Lambretta B had larger wheels, 8-inch to 7-inch, the gear shifter moved to the left handlebar, rear and front suspension and a larger petrol tank to name a few. And the cables were "free", not hidden inside the tubes.
The 123 cc engine still delievered 4,3 hp hurling it up to an impressive 68 km/h. The top speed about the same as for the A, although the B was 8 kilos heavier. You could also have it in four metallic paints; Azzurro (blue), Rosso (red), Verde (green) and Bronzo (bronze), a first for the Lambrettas (after this metallic paint didn't came back until 1963).
During its production up to January 1950 35 014 examples were built in two versions. The first one having the same light switch as the A and the brake cover with an internal control and a wedge-shaped rear brake pedal. I wish a knew this before I took this pictures, then I maybe could have determined if it's a version 1 or 2.
Not as expensive as the model A, maybe I can afford one some day!
I'm not sure but I don't think there is one in Sweden right now. Anyhow, they were never imported here in the old days.
The last picture here is of a Lambretta B in Vittorio Tessera's museum "Scooter & Lambretta Museo". It once belonged to the Innocenti family, special ordered in Giallo (yellow).

Source: "Innocenti Lambretta The Definitive History" by Vittorio Tessera (Giorgio Nada Editori)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Vespa 964 - a new one?

I saw this yesterday, actually. The fatal error in the Swedish version of the 2013 Vespa leaflet. But I was kind enough to concentrate on the presentation of the Vespa 946 in Sweden.
Today I discovered that they made the same mistake twice, above the picture of the 946.
Will this be a collector's item?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vespa 946 in Stockholm

There is motorcycle fair here in Stockholm this weekend. The Piaggio people has put the Vespa 946 in their stand. And they revealed the price; 80 199 Swedish crowns! That's a whopping € 9 300 or £ 7 750!
The scoot in the pictures are a mock-up. Production is about to start in March and the sales in May, the clerk from the importer told me. But he didn't knew if there only will be a limited series and in that case, how many of them will arrive in Sweden.
Well, at least I was able to sit on it. It felt nice and I was able to move back on the big (and quirky) saddle.
But the price, a GTS 300 Super Sport costs 3/4 of a 946!
The new Swedish Vespa leaflet states that it's a fourstroke, 155 cc with 3-valves producing 13 hp att 8 000 rpm.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lambretta and Vespa catch

I've found another two exhaust deflectors for Lambretta. I mounted my first one on my Vespa GS 150, until I by coincidence discovered that the A251 deflector were listed in an English brochure over Lambretta accessories.
Before Christmas I found these two "new ones" at a veteran fair outside Stockholm. One is original, the other one has got some brackets with a larger circumfernece welded on.
At the same fair I bought a Vespa speedometer. From a 1957-1958 Vespa Touring, as they were called in Sweden (VGL).

The top deflector has been modified.

Similar to the VS2 speedo, but the scale only goes to 90 km/h.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Strange Lambretta on cover

You might believe that I buy everything with a Vespa or a Lambretta on it. Nearly true...
Although I prefer if its old I sometimes make exceptions.
This 2-CD was found in the local kitchenware-, appliances- and mediastore.
The Lambretta series 1 on the cover looks a bit awkward. The angle of the front single saddle is most peculiar, tilted forward. Reminiscent of strange far eastern restorations. And the wheels appears to be 8- instead of 10-inch. Even the smallest series 1, the Li 125 (only sold in Italy?), had 10-inch. even the fork seems peculiar. I can't tell if it's "invented" in a computer or if it's a photo of a model.
Well, what about the 50 modern dance tracks then? It's a bit bland actually. Not bad but not the pizzazz of Northern Soul, although I'm no expert. "Sweets For My Sweet" by The Drifters, "Shout" by The Isley Brothers, "I'm A  Man" by Bo Diddley, "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes etc, doesn't thrill me.
5,5 euro down the drain...well it made a blogpost!