Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dabbling with a 175 series 1

Today's task, removing the engine from my Lambretta TV 175, series 1.

I have had a rough, very, rough Lambretta TV 175 series 1 from 1958 on my yard. I bought a couple of years ago.
The owner had salvaged it from a scrap yard in the beginning of the 80's.
There it had been idling outside for 10-15 years.
The man who sold it to me brought it home were his two sons played with it. Loosing side panels, saddle and other stuff along the way. Then another 25-30 years outside...
Well, it's a series 1 so I saved it. Thought it was time the let old lady come under a roof. (Well, the missus was displeased with this kind of garden art).
In order to bring it inside I had to take the seized engine out. It was only joint to the frame by the engine bolt at the back. It was very stuck. A hot air gun and rust oil did the trick, after some 45 minutes...
The front wheel was much easier to losen.

Spraying with rust oil, time after time.
Applying heat with a warm air gun (?). Time after time.
The sprint that finally gave in. 
The engine is out, at last.
The other side.
The front wheel was easier to remove.
The frame, not much left.
I had a little helper during work. Couldn't stand the heat?

Friday, 23 September 2011

My working Lambretta

It's been three years since I last drove my Lambretta 150D 1956, though first registered 1957. Since that I have acquired the Svalan Scooter 1954 (in 2009) and the Vespa Utilitaria 1953 (2010). And maybe a couple more...
So the old friends tend to move into oblivion.
The 150D has a strange green colour, chosen by the man who renovated it and then sold it to me. The green colour is very near the colour the city counsils in Sweden choose for their gardening vehicles, small tractors, lawn movers etc.
Well, yesterday I filled her up with new petrol, adjusted the spark plug gap and applied starter gas - and it coughed to life. But the clutch was stuck. The trick is to drive so that the engine gets warm, gentle gearchanging and constant use of the clutch lever. After a 15 minute drive the clutch plates came apart and it worked as normal.
Autumn is here in Sweden, but I think I'll get a MOT, then it's ready for next spring!
Or will any of my other Lambrettas be ready by then?

Trying to jumpstart, spark plug change after that.

The helmet's colour clashes with the Lambretta's.

"Hrm, how do you drive a Lambretta".

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The same Vespa "Struzzo"

Well at home from the fair at Imola I started to examine my photograhps (a lot of them).
This Vespa 150 from about 1955 (VL2-VL3) seems to have catched my attention. I even took some close-ups of the beautiful accessories.
At first I couldn't figure out why this one "called" upon me. Apparently it's wonderful patina, a true "conservata", stood out among 100's of Vespas.
Then it struck me, I had seen it before!
During our holiday trip to Cortona in Italy I browsed some Italian sales sites and concentrated me on the scooters for sale in the neighborhood. There was a "Struzzo" (ostrich) for sale halfway between Cortona and Arezzo. I dreamt of photographing in it´s natural surroundings in a old Italian village.
When I had mustered enough courage to call the seller for to in stuttering italian try to explain my wish, the adverts wasn't there in any more.
Anyhow, I had saved an image:

Yes, that's the one for sale at the Imola fair!
If I had discovered this while I were at Imola, I of course had asked some questions. Was it the new owner who was trying to earn an extra dollar? Or was it the original owner who gave up in June and decided to make a try at the fair? Who knows...

Original in every aspect, very nice!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Imola: Other scooter makes

A Moto Guzzi Galletto from the end of production, 192 cc.

Not only Vespa and Lambretta caught my eye during the fair at Imola. Some other makes were present.
The big surprise was the "Catria" from Motobi Pesaro. I sure wasn't expecting two (!) MV Agusta either.
We do have some Moto Guzzi Galleto's here in Sweden, mainly of the first series from the 50's, 160 or 192 cc. Also the 150 cc Iso were sold here during the heydays. Event the second series of 125 cc capacity Iso's. The one in the pic needs a lot of TLC...
Nice scoots!

A MV Agusta CGT which has been resprayed sometimes.
Laverda 50 cc 4-stroke scooter from the 60's. 
The sad remains of an Iso Scooter 125.
A Benelli, the legshield says scooter, the wheels are too big. A moped.
An Iso Diva (?), they were called "Milano" in Sweden. Left: a Capri.
The english contribution; a three-wheeled Ariel...
Another Moto Guzzi Galetto.
Another view on the Catria from Motobi Pesaro.
A closer take on the MV Agusta CGT 150 cc.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scooterns dag in Stockholm

Scooterns dag (The Day of the Scooter) was held today in Stockholm. I have more to report from Imola but since I'm such a "now" guy this comes before hand.
40 or so scooterists, Vespa and Lambretta mostly, drove through the innercity of Stockholm to Riddarholmen (Knight's Island) were the church for the graves of Sweden's kings and queens is located.
Arrangers Vespa Club Stockholm in some joint venture with Svenska Scooterklubben had organized a courier includning moving an football sitting on your scooter. Even using a bandystick moving a small yellow ball (very Swedish sport on ice). Six two-person team participated while the spectators ate hot dogs enjoying the sun of this the last (?) summer day in Stockholm.
My team, with Ola, finished sixth...
Usually there are more scooterists, maybe the Mods vs Rockers two weekends ago "stole" the attention?
Next gathering? New Year's Eve...

An 80's Servetta!

The little yellow ball is a "Bandyboll", no stick in sight.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Indian Lambretta for sale

This beauty are for sale in India right now. No, I'm not being ironic because this is an original Lamby 150 from the maker API. So much more desirable then the fake "Acmas" and other weird stuff.
In the advert it only says that it's a Lambretta in running order. But according to The Indian Lambretta Guide by Fanatic Scooters based in Brighton, it's a Lamby 150. The sidepanels obviously differ from an italian series 2 Li 150, but are original for a Lamby 150. Two single saddles instead of one long.
Lovely, I think the condition is superb!
And the price is right, approx € 300! How do I get it home?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Imola: Vespa and Vespa and...

The sun, an umbrella and a Vespa, you don't need more.

Well, what can I say. This was the first time I gave up taking pictures of all the Vespas at a fair. In Sweden that's actually possible. At Imola, no. 
Okay, I didn't see a 98, an Utilitaria or a GS "cavi esterni" (VS1). They were home by the collectors. 
It would have been fun to see an Allstate from USA also. 
Otherwise their were Vespas from 1949 to present.
I'm basically a 50's and 60's man, but the 80's are creeping up on me. The overpimped PX's with Yankee-seats white plastic trim is, well, digestable.
Yeah, I also missed seeing any Longhi sidecars.
And if I have made any mistakes, please rectify in a comment or so.

This would be a "Roman Vacanzes".

This one too, but this one should be left alone.

Here is a faro basso, VM1 or VM2. 

Cosa, they get more beautiful by each year passing by...

A JPS smallframe should be at Imola!

I'm only guessing: VNB4 with original sidecar, custom paint.

Some PK, I like the white accessories.

Widebody with a hideous flyscreen.
This sad lot waited for their new masters...

A 1951-1952 "Roman Holiday" with two sparewheels.

A mixed lot, even a Lambretta and some engines.

Some small frames and to the far right a "Struzzo", VL1-VL3.

GS 160, first series.

French Acma, about 1955-1956.