Friday, 9 September 2011

First day at Imola

First day at Imola. Hot, and absolutely insane. Vespas and Lambrettas everywhere. And parts. And accesoceries. Two obscure MV Augusta CGT from about 1952.
5 km on tarmac, my feet are aching. My face has turned red.
Tomorrow is a new day!

Fenders and side cowls.

The one at the far right is a Vespa "Bachetta", from 1949-1950, "conservata" as they say in Italy.

Lambretta B, around 1949. Also this one is "conservata" = not restored. working according to the vendor. Asking price was 2 800 euro.

Some Vespa engines...

A Benelli Scooter.

A faro basso for someone with skills, time and money.

Lambretta DL 200.


  1. Enrico from Vespa Resources forum suggests that it's a 150.
    I think the 200 is most common in Sweden.
    I should have checked every scooter I photographed at the autodromo.
    There was no time for that...