Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bachetta or faro basso?

I had to ask an italian friend about the different names of the early Vespas.
I have used the term "faro basso" on all Vespas with the headlight on the front fender.
In Italy, Enzo told me, "bacchetta" means a rod Vespa, the model after that, 1951-1952, is a "vacanze romane" (Roman Holiday) after the famous film. The 1953-1954 Vespa (VM1-VM2) is the "faro basso". Good to know!
Next; the scooter "Catria" from the firm Motobi Pesaro. Established in 1949 after a row in the Benelli family, six brothers! Giuseppe Benelli and his two sons started Moto B Pesaro in the town of Pesaro. The scooter Catria was named after a mountain nearby. The scoot has a horisontal 175 cc 4-stroke engine.
More Catria pictures:

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