Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mobile on a 1962 Vespa?

I have found yet another cover for a Swedish magazine with a Vespa on it. This is from the magazine "Motor", 5th of March 1962. The headline reads "Tvåhjulingen i kläm" (the two-wheeler in a squeeze).
If you're expecting an article on Vespa you will be disappointed, nothing inside the magazine. It's just a pretty girl and a Vespa between an american-looking car and a Fiat 1400 (1900? I'm not sure here).
The most awkward thing though, is she really holding a smart phone? In 1962?

Molto strano, la bella ragazza tiene una cellulare! Nel 1962...
Penso che il foto é da Italia.


  1. Yeah, I know...
    It's probably a make-up mirror.
    But if you look quickly it ceratainly looks like she is scrolling, 50 years ahead of everyone else.