Friday, 6 April 2012

Lambretta TV 175 wired up!

The two "ears" are for the non-existent brake light switch.

Happy Easter and Buona Pasqua to everyone!
Yesterday was spent working on the Lambretta TV 175 series 1 from 1958 with my good friend Jim (bless him!).
First we sorted the rear brake, attached the cable with the correct mounts. But we have to make an alteration regarding the brake light switch. I haven't found the right one for this series 1, version 2, TV 175. The switch should be mounted on the brake lever as you can see above. The new switch I have bought has to be attached to the body instead.
Next task was building a wire loom, some old electrical cables was kept and others were new. Quite time consuming but quite fun in a strange way.
It also turned out to be an excellent opportunity to learn the italian names for colours, since the manual is in italian.. Giallo (yellow) is always a favourite! And marrone (brown)!
So, the wire loom is in it's place but nothing is connected yet. Hopefully we get to that next week!

The electric cables in beuatiful colours.

I'm keeping the original light switch with some parts from my wreck.

Let's see, giallo is yellow, verde is green, marrone is brown...

Two steps back, one forward...some cables sticking out.

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