Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lambretta exhibition in 1956

So, what's interesting about this? A vehicle exhibition in Sweden about 1956-1957. With cars and tractors. Standard Vanguards, Fergusons, Volvos, Triumphs and some americans among the cars. It all took place in a Swedish tennis hall.
The interesting part is the center. A couple of Lambrettas has the best spot of all vehicles on display. Around this time there was a new importer of Lambretta in Sweden, Lennart Bergelin. He was an ace tennis player in  the 40's and the 50's, he played Davis Cup for Sweden and competed at Wimbledon. But he is mostly known for being the manager of Björn Borg, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Unfortunately mr Bergelin passed away in 2008, at the age of 83. 
My guess is that with his bakground in tennis he easily could arrange a vehicle fair in the hall, and getting the best spot for his Lambrettas. There is one 150D and three LD's with lifesize dolls ridning them, on some sort of merry-go-round.
It looks very cool, I would like to know more!

Lennart Bergelin, Lambretta-importer.

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