Saturday, 28 April 2012

Scooters all day long

Yesterday was all scoot's day. Working on the Lambretta TV 175 and paying a visit to my friend who bought three scooters at the same time; a Lambretta Li 150, a Vespa GS 150 and a NV-70 Hobby.
The kick lever was mounted on the TV 175, not an easy-peasy job but with Jim's skills and my extra hands it went well. The return spring is a long and hard one...
The carb and gas wire was also mounted. Then there was a problem, the screw to the fuel tap was missing. Actually I don't know if I lost it myself, or if it was missing from the beginning. Well, I can get one from my yard wreck.
The visit to my friend was fun. he was very pleased with the Lambretta Li 150, not so happy with NV-70 and uncertain about the Vespa GS 150. He already had a resto project Li 150, but this one was better! The NV:s engine is seized, and I think that he's not really interested. 70 cc and automatic transmission.
 The GS has been resprayed in white and is in a rusty state. But fairly complete.
Now they're parked in his back yard, and yes, the wife is not happy... 

The speedo on the NV-70 is marked "DKW".

NV stands for Nymans Verkstäder.

The Li 150 which was my friends main target... 

Two myths; Lambretta and Vespa.

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