Monday, 8 August 2011

Svalan Scooter third in a race!

The line-up from left Svalan Scooter 1954, Jim on Maraton 1950,
Björn on Speed 1950 and Göran on NV 1950.
 There was a hard race last weekend. A battle between four twowheelers sharing the same engine, the sturdy Swedish-built JB 128 cc delievering a whopping 4,5 bhp. One scooter, my own Svalan from 1954, was up against three Swedish motorcycles, all from 1950. Basically a NV from Nymans Verkstäder that was badge-engineered into Maraton and Speed.
Göran on the NV was fastest over two stretches of 201 meters (due to crap brakes we didn't dare go 402 meters). Jim on Maraton ended up second, although I had the chance to overtake him the second time. A missed gearchange ruined it!
Well, I was third just ahead of Björn on his Speed.
Maybe we'll do it again, hopefully with more contestants!
Why a scooter from 1954 against three motorcycles from 1950? Why the time gap? Well, the 128 cc-engine was considered dated in 1954. But the engine-maker firm of John Benson convinced two manufacturers that this engine was excellent for scooters...

Here I'm about to overtake Jim, but it was ruined by bad gearchanging.
The winner Göran is praised after his victory. Ref Rickard owns the Luna.

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