Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vespa rally badge from 1954

Happy day! I just got this one delievered by mail (old fashioned snail mail). A friend of mine from up north told me that he had an old Vespa badge from a rally. I met him in his home this summer, but he couldn't find it during my visit. But he promised to send it to me as soon as it showed up.
I've been waiting and waiting...thanx a million!
Right now I don't know so much about "Rally de Stockholm 1954", organised by Vespa Club Sverige. But I will found out.
The circumference is about five centimeters or two inches.

Questa emblema ha arrivata oggi!


  1. Thomas that is really cool! What an amazing gift. Are you still riding or is there too much snow? I am riding both scooter and motorcycle, depends on the mood. I am hoping we continue to have a wet raining winter - I never thought I would say that, but if it continues to rain then we won't see snow.

  2. Thanx, Dar! No snow yet, it has been the warmest autumn in a long time. But I choose the lock my scoot's away some weeks ago. Not fun doing tjat if it had been snow now. Maybe a drive on New Years Eve!