Monday, 28 November 2011

Lambretta from Åland

This old Lambretta was doing service at Åland, the archipelago between Sweden and Finland. The islands belongs to Finland but the inhabitants speak Swedish. My informer Kjell was born in 1958 and during the first three years of his life, this was the family vehicle.
On the top picture are Kjells parents. Below is the same Lambretta and Kjells mother Eivor is hiding behind it with her husbands sister. The bags might still be in the family's possesion.
Kjell doesn't now the model, since the Lambretta is long gone. The round ventilation holes points at either a 125 Lc or an early 125 Ld. I can't decide judging just by these pictures, it would have been easier if I had seen the front wheel, the suspension differ between Lc and Ld. Any suggestions?
Nice one, anyhow!

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  1. Paul from Scooterlounge thinks it might be a NSU-Lambretta. The side cowl points in that direction. True?