Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lambretta Lui - C and CL

These two were for sale at "Auto e Moto d'Epoca" in Padova in the end of October.
Lambretta Luna for export but Lambretta Lui in Italy. And in the home country available in two versions; C and CL, both 50 cc. The former being a simpler version with "bicycle" handlebars instead of the neat alloy handlebars on the more luxiorius modell. The head lamp differs as well as you can see.
The CL model was available as Luna in Sweden in two versions; one with the muffler under the engine and one with the sports exhaust from the 75 cc Vega/Cometa line, the latter refered to as 50S. But a Swedish leaflet has a picture of a CL named S50 and an italian tail light. I guess the leaflet was made before the decision on what model would be imported. 
The more basic C was never for sale in Sweden.
I have two leaflets on the Luna range in my possession, one showing the CL model with the exhaust under the engine and with the smaller saddle. The other leaflet is showing a 50S, with the exhaust also under the engine but with the longer 50S- and Vega/Cometa-saddle. In these days we have both the CL and S on the vintage market.
Yeah, Swedish law took away 0.48 hp since a Swedish moped (50 cc) was restricted to 1 hp. Thus reducing the top speed to 30 km/h.
The Luna/Vega line was designed by Bertone in 1967, production started in May 1968 and ended in 1969 after a total of 27 812 were built of both 50 and 75 cc scooters.

I wonder if they got separated? 

The handlebar and the head lamp without speedo on the C.

Italian style tail lights, they were bulkier and round  in Sweden.

My own Luna, sold it some years ago. Still regretting the sale...

Cute toy, a friend bought in London.

From a Swedish sales brochure. Italian tail light.

From another Swedish brochure.


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