Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Vespa U from Paraguay

The wonderful world of Internet. Suddenly I got in contact with the man who sold the Vespa 125 U in Paraguay this February. He is living in Paraguay and known for finding old scooters. And he was kind enough to send me more pictures of it.
This Vespa U was once owned by a catholic priest who used it regularly.
It appeared to be complete and "almost" driveable.
The fork and the front fender are not the original ones for a Vespa U.
The handlebar has been chromed sometimes, should be painted on an Utilitaria. And the saddle springs had a conical shape when the Vespa in 1953 left the Piaggio factory in Pontedera.
The tail light here is also from another vehicle and the alloy floorboards without rubber are missing, just like my own Utilitaria's. When I only had the picture from the advert it seemed like the gas tank was missing, well it's there. Altough with a non-original filler cap.
The Vespa U was sold to a serious Vespista living on the same continent.
The pictures of this U taken in daylight reveals that it has a similar colour to my own U, light blue. I guess that's accurate, compared to the pictures taken indoors where it appears to be almost white. I think it's funny that two people with more than an ocean between them, for a repaint choose so similar colours!

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