Friday, 8 July 2011

Vespa 400 and sidecar

Sweet dreams are made of this.
Took a trip up north with the family, managed to fit in some visits to Vespa owners.
According to sat-nav I was 3 281 km north of Cortona!
The first is a Vespa 400 from 1959. Sold the year after in the area. The current owner is just the second one. It has not been driven for some years, so it wasn't started during my visit.
Some rust and small dents, but nice anyway.

This sidecar is owned by a Swedish moped collector. When this genuine Piaggio sidecar for Vespa came up for sale, he couldn't resist it. The sidecar has the original paint and is in a fine state. It was stored in an attic for 40 years.
It's attached to a Vespa 125 from 1954.


  1. so you like vespa sidecars? i still have a sidecar for 50 cc vespas with a winepump.
    last used in the motoraduno of apiro (mc) italy of 2005 there is a video in existence where you can see it

  2. Ciao!
    A special sidecar for Vespa? Where can I see the video?
    Tanti saluti!