Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gymkhana on Vespa

The hard core bit of Visby Vespa Club's event is the gymkhana with slow race. Last year the team "Mainland" beat "Gotland". This year it was the other way around. I think team Gotland had the five or six top places. Tobbe from Gotland won the slow race.
Sun and good roads made this an super event.
Back next year? Of course!

Mr "Spetan" was on the Mainland team, here on his PX 125.

Linda from Gotland on her 1963 Vespa Touring. She was second overall.
Below; Jonas borrowed my Vespa GS 150.

From the slow race, Hampus takes a beating by the Tobbe, the final winner.

Nina och Max awaiting the standing.

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