Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ancora una Vespa sidecar

This original Piaggio sidecar for Vespa might be for sale. At the moment I'm negotiating with the current owner. The sidecar has been resprayed in this metallic blue colour. For me that's bad, my plan is to have a sidecar attached to my 1956 Vespa 150 (VL3), il Struzzo, that will get an original light grey colour.
I don't think we had any side cars of the italian Longhi brand here in Sweden. I've seen some german Bender and Royal sidecars attached to Vespas. Steib was also an option but I think that was mostly for motorcycles.

As you can see, the very small enamel Piaggio-badge isn't in top condition. Very hard to find, seems a bit like the badge on the Moscone outboard motor, but it's in another size.
The wind screen is ordered some ten years ago or so. I believe it's too short compared to the original screen from the 50's.

The seat is absolutely original and in good condition.


  1. Wow, that is a wonderful sidecar. Did you get it? Very beautiful.

    I regard sidecars as something that seems like a better idea than it actually is. Using one on a scooter combines the worst aspects of a car (big and hard to manuver), with the worst aspects of a motorcycle (exposure to weather).

    They look good for a show though!


  2. Hi! Not yet, it can take some time...
    You have a point about the sidecars, but anyhow they are extremely cool. From a period when a car was just a dream for many people. If you couldn't afford four wheels you could at least have three!