Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dressing up the Vespa GS

Lovely evening last night. Took the Vespa GS in to the centre of Stockholm. The building in the background is the Town hall. The water is the lake Mälaren which is connected with the Baltic Sea between Stockholm's old town and Södermalm.
The crashbars are back on the GS, they were there when I bought "her" in May 1989. The front hubcab is also back in place. The one alteration I have made is the removal of the rear luggage rack. Yeah, and the fitting of the bling-bling on the exhaust pipe of the silencer. For real, this is what I call rocket science!

I'm out of this kind of brackets, this one is borrowed from my GS 160.

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  1. Nice pictures Thomas, the lake looks beautiful!