Saturday, 16 July 2011

Vespa 150 was for sale

This Vespa 150, VL2 or VL3, was for sale here in Sweden a couple of weeks ago. Should be from 1955 or 1956, sold in Sweden under the name "Super". Top of the line GS and 125 cc "Elit" where also available at that time. The 150 cc engine produced 6 hp and wheels where 8-inch. In Italy the model is called "Struzzo", ostrich, for obvious reasons.
This example has had a respray sometimes, the original colour was light-grey.
I like the blue colour, and I hope that it went to a good home.

I don't know if you can debate the original colour of the VL1-VL3 models. Here is two Struzzo with different colour. This is the cover of the 1958 June issue of the Swedish magazine "Teknikens Värld". But I believe that it's an american photo from the beginning, maybe for the fashion magazine Vogue. Or a french magazine? The ladies outfits seems to be from Chanel? Being a keen fashionista I do think so...

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