Sunday, 11 March 2012

La primavera, finalmente!

Vespa GS 160 1963.

Yes. spring at last! Today it was sunny and about 10-11 degrees C here in Stockholm.
I took out my Vespa GS 160, don't think I started it last year. Some fresh petrol, and it fired up! But the clutch was stuck, so I rode around the block again and again. When the engine got warm the clutch plates loosened. So, time to order a MOT.
Next in line was the Lambretta 150 D, which also requires a MOT before I can ride it legally. This was trickier. The spark (scintilla, I like the italian word) was there, maybe the petrol is a bit slow-flowing, and the filter is dirty. Replacing the filter can solve it, but the petrol tank might need a thorough cleaning.
Anyhow, it was great riding again!

Lambretta 150 D 1956.


  1. Congratulations! Oh those balmy 10 degree days! Did you wear sunscreen? Hah hah

    From Sunny California

  2. But of course!
    You mocker!