Thursday, 29 December 2011

Tourist pilot on a Vespa

In the mid-sixties the oil company Caltex, later Texaco, did a publicity stunt where they supplied Tourist Pilots on Vespas in European cities. In Sweden it was Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Helsingborg. They were also present in UK and Greece as far as I know.
The picture above is from a card that was handed over to tourists to explain the service. The Tourist Pilot jumped on the Vespa and led the way to the requested adress.
This card should be from after 1968, since the female pilot is sitting on a Primavera.
Below is from the same card, explaining the service in five languages. And it's from Göteborg as you can see.
At the bottom is a postcard, with another Tourist Pilot, riding through Stockholm. Followed by a Volvo Amazon (121 was the model name outside Sweden). There is also a Volvo lorry in the picture.
Funny thing, the pilots overalls were light blue during the Caltex era, here the girls have the darker blue Texaco overall.

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  1. What a novel idea! The scooters were beautiful! Happy New Year Thomas!