Monday, 19 December 2011

The Swedish Parilla scooter

This is very hardcore, the emblems above was removed from the Parilla scooters when the Swedish Husqvarna in 1953 started transforming them into their own model.
We're talking serious badge engineering here.
Well, the Husqvarna factory equipped the scooters with their own 120 cc/4,5 hp and three speed engine.
The leaflet below brags about bigger wheels and longer wheel base.
And "An Italian beauty with speed rewarding (sic!) lines, powerful engine and extraordinary handling".
I haven't had the oppurtunity to drive one, but they do have a reputation for over-heating. The Husqvarna engine wasn't designed for fan cooling, just like the JB-engine in the ill-fated Swedish Svalan Scooter.
The Parilla emblems above belongs to a Husqvarna collector.

"Swedish quality, italian beauty".

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  1. Parilla made some pretty amazing motorcycles that are worth some serious money these days. The "high-cam" motorcycles are works of art. The Parilla scooters... not so much.