Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Warm rideout in Argentina

Rain, rain and rain mixed with snow here in Stockholm. No scootering at all for me.
While the vespistas in Argentina has rideouts, wearing t-shirts.
Recently there was a three day do in the Buenos Aires area. Raul started on his Vespa GS 150 (VS4) but suffered from a piston breakdown 30 km's from his home. His father came along on a Honda and towed Raul to his home. You can see the rope below.
At home Raul switched to his P200 and he could participate. About 200 scooterists showed up.
I don't know much about the multicoloured GS that was subject to a jump start in the last picture.
Thanx, Raul!


  1. I got an anonymous comment from the guy who took the last picture in the blog.
    He tells me that the man with the multicoloured GS is called Tococh.
    I hope it's okay to show the photo on my blog, otherwise send me another e-mail!

  2. HOLA!
    asi es el hombre con la vespa GS se apoda TOCOCH!

    los dias 9/10 y 11 de diciembre celebramos el DIA DEL SCOOTER CLASICO (DSC)ya por la 3era edicion,con mas de 200 scooteristas.

    es un rally internacion con scooteristas de chile,uruguay,brazil,paraguay y diferentes ciudades de argentina.

    les dejamos nuestro sitio scooterista


  3. Note, what looks like two MotoRumi scooters on the far right side of the top photo. Neat!

  4. Morning, Paul!
    Looking at the whole picture, are we? ;)
    Moto Rumi from Bergamo "sold" a vast number of knitting machines to Argentina in the late 50's. Somehow they had trouble getting paid, and that brought the company to a downfall according to Italian historians. I guess they exported the Formichino (the Ant) as well since they appear to be fairly common in Argentina.
    Some Argentinian friends can maybe tell us more?
    I've been to Bergamo three times, but missed the Rumi museum outside the city.

  5. Jah, there are a lot of RUMI FORMICCINO's here in Argentina, I know that the army or something like that bought a lot of them in the 50's, i dont know what for, my neighbor has 2 of them and told me that story, i also know that 2 or 3 years ago a french collector bring 30 of them back to europe ...