Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pictures from the exhibition

Somehow I was invited to show three of my Vespas at "The Hallwylska museet" in Stockholm. The palace was built in 1890's for Swedish nobility and was turned into a museum in 1930. Right now there is an exhibition called "12 cuckoo eggs", twelve collectors showing their stuff. Pez dispensers, cuckoo clocks, high couture shoes and bags, shaving devices, battered dolls, kinder eggs, IKEA-chairs and so on. Plus my Vespa GS 150, Vespa SS 180 and the Vespa Touring (VGLA). And  the banner from the 1960 Eurovespa held together with the inauguration of the Roma Olympic Games.
Since the creator of the museum, Wilhelmina von Hallwyl also was a collector this location was choosed to show these modern collectors.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Another Swedish scooter...

Mustad Folkscooter, not Mustard or Mostardo, a scooter built in Gothenburg around 1952 ready to pick fight with Italians Vespa and Lambretta and Germans Goggo, Heinkel and Zündapp. With a 50 cc German Amo engine with 1,3 hp.
Week and front heavy! Some say about 1 000 produced, I strongly doubt that figure.
The Swedish word "Folkscooter" translates into "people's scooter".

Monday, 26 January 2015

Really nice Vespa PK poster

A nice friend asked if I wanted this Vespa-poster. The size is 70 X 100 cm. I said yes...

Friday, 23 January 2015

Speedo or contachilometri

Some pics from the 2014 Mostra e scambio (Exhibition and fair) at the autodromo in Imola. One seller had lots of old speedos for Vespa and Lambretta. Standard and special ones from makers like Veglia, Rolle and Jaeger. Some other accessories as well, petrol gauges, mirrors and assorted bling-bling all New Old Stock. Everything at a price! Wonder if anything was under €200?
Eye-candy at least...

Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Vespas on exhibition

There is an exhibition at a museum here in Stockholm regarding collectors (or hoarders?).
I was invited to show some of my Vespas and some other stuff. I have chosen my Vespa SS180, Vespa GS150 and the Vespa 150 Touring (VGLA). More pics later, this is from the museums garage waiting to be displayed. There is a 1914 Mercedes behind them.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Two Vespa U in South America

No less than two Vespa U, Utilitaria, emerged in South America during 2014. Or should I say one whole? The first is an engine that was found in Colombia, by chance in a small town by a Vespista.
He then put it up for sale in an Argentinian forum - my correspondent in Buenos Aires tells me. But it was just the engine, with number 58**, about 1 200 numbers from the end of production in 1953. Only 6 000 Vespa 125 U was produced, starting with number 1 000 and ending on 7 000.
The second, or half, 125 U was found approx six months ago in Argentina. Nice but only the body and it was bought by an italian collector.

VU1M*58XX*, at the end of 1953.

The U-engine with another Vespa.

Correct cowl over the engine and front fender and fork.

This Vespa 125 U is now back in Italy.

Another TV 175 series 1

This is the lovely picture of the father of scooterist Darrell J Kent, UK, on his Lambretta TV 175, series 1. The banner on the front shield is from the local scooter club "Lowestoft Drifters Scooter Club". Sadly Darells father passed away too early and never saw his son become a scooterist. Been there myself, Darell, although my father never rode a scoot!
Darrell says he'll sell his house if this Lambretta was still around and up for sale...