Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Vespa in the forest

A good friend sent me the picture above. "I've found this Vespa while walking my dog in the forest" he told me. "But it's in very bad condition" he added. I of course told him that I wanted to pick it up and his response was "why?", the natural question from any sane person.
I was also tpld that it was stuck in the ground, due to frost. Anyhow I wanted to establish what model it is so we went to check. The initial guess was that it was a faro basso, a 125, but then a VGL or VGLA seemed most likely. The latter being to most common 50´s and 60's Vespa in Sweden.
Examining the Vespa I discovered some of the metallic blue paint typical for the Vespa Touring.
It has been stuck in the ground for 20-30 years is my guess. No engine but the swing with part of the brake drum is still there, and the stand. There is the remains of a house ground nearby, maybe it was "parked" by the house owners. Otherwise it would have been nicked a long time ago when it was in better shape.
I will dig it out, could be a nice garden statue!

That's me, sporting a stupid cap!

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