Thursday, 12 June 2014

The old Vespa VGLA

It's a 1957 Vespa Touring, 10-inch wheels and 5,8 hp. For export to Germany and Sweden. Maybe France?

Monday, 2 June 2014

The 1956 Vespa GS is alive!

The red 1956 Vespa GS 150 (VS2) is no longer - red. The original silvermetallic paint is back, sort of. Unfortunately so is the filler applied by the former owner who choose to paint it red. Call me conservative if you like!
Unfortunately some filler on the side cowls and front shield spoils the work. Otherwise the original paint looks okay if you go for that worn and original look.
Maybe it will become some sort of "rat scoot"? I think red wheels looks pretty cool.

A red Vespa Gran Sport? No, thanks...

The paint stripper is beginning to work on the red, and orange...

Goey! Messy!

Half there?

Filler and no paint at all...

Was this really such a good idea?

Hey, the wheels are red! Whaddaya mean by that?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Valborundan 2014 - scooterish...

Me with mates Anders and Ola, all on Vespa GS 160.

The Valborundan 2014 was held on the 29th of May, near the town of Gävle, 170 km's north of Stockholm. 150 participants on motorcycles and scooters. About 20 of them were scooters, mostly Vespas but only one Lambretta, a 150 LD, one Peugeot S55 and a couple of Zündapp Bellas, one with sidecar.
I wasn't participating, just ridning along and taking pictures in the nice weather. I was on my Vespa GS 160 from 1963 and met friends Anders Lagerquist, also on a series 1, and Ola Gustafsson on a series 2. Fellow scooterist Mikael Dunker took the picture of us. Anders is a legend, he was in several international competitions during the 60's. Among them "Tre Mare" in Italy. Yes, a nice rally!

From the start of the Valborundan 2014, a veteran rally.

The dashboard of the Peugeot S55.

Håkan on his Peugeot S55, 125 cc, from the mid-fifties.

This is a Vespa Popolino, made just for Sweden.

A Lambretta LD 150 from 1957.

The Lambretta LD 150's speedo.