Thursday, 24 May 2012

Street legal Lambretta TV 175

Month of May, with not so many blogposts from me. Been a bit lazy, sorry!
Today I got my Lambretta TV 175 from 1958 through the Swedish MOT. A bit tricky this time of the year, lot's of people wanting their two-wheelers examined and approved.
The young clerk (?) handed over a clean sheet with the words; "Funny little machine".
After that I took a ride in to Stockholms old town, and found an old Volvo 210, the station wagon built from the 50's into the late 60's, the Swedish name is "Duett". Yes, meaning duet and it was marketed as "two cars in one", salon and workhorse.
And it's summer!

A clean sheet, hooray!

In front of an vintage Volvo station wagon.


  1. It looks like beautiful sunny riding weather! No wonder you have not been posting... you've been riding!


  2. You're absolutely right, Paul!
    The temperature here in Stockholm has been around 26-27 degrees C lately.
    But you can always ride more!