Thursday, 28 April 2011

Giant The Who patch found

I'm not really much of a mod altough I own a M51 parka and a 1963 Vespa GS 160...
No mirrors or extra lamps. Come to music I love early reggae and Northern Soul. Plus some of the English mod-bands. And Italian "pop" from early 60's.
Today I found this patch, size 15 x 20 cm, in a flea market. Could be genuine 60's or 70's item instead of aftermarket. The photo is a little too bright, actually the colours are a bit faded by the sun,. 

My GS 160 series I, the saddle is an accessory from about 1965.


  1. I also have an m51 parka and like northern soul & early reggae :P
    here's a bit of our mix from last weekend at our monthly night.

  2. Grazie! Some modern device I have to learn to master...
    I still buy CD's!

  3. That's a great picture of your vespa! The Who patch is pretty awesome anyway. I am not much for patches or stickers at the best of times.