Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Vespa U rides again!

After the engine was overhauled my friend Jim and I rectified som dents and cracks on the body. The steering column was fitted with new balls, a tricky task. The light switch worked after some contact lubricant was sprayed on. I didn't dare to dismantle it! They are so delicate.
The Abarth silencer was mounted and a brand new saddle cover from Mauro Pascoli was fitted (the U saddle is smaller than other Vespa saddles).
Some petrol and, hey, it fired up at the fourth attempt. The neighbourhood was covered in twostroke-smoke as the old engine coughed! A succesful launch, all credit goes to my friend Jim. A true wizard!
The first ride was marvelous besides the 55+ old tires of the Swedish make "Trelleborg". They were later replaced by new Michelin S-83, big difference...

La prima volta in una Vespa U! Meravigliosa!
Il colore non originale nessun problema. Lo vedo come un omaggio al vecchio proprietario. Una completa ristrutturazione è stata intrapresa da diversi anni.

Tanti grazie al mio amico Jim, un mago di duetempi!

Some welding necessary due to cracks in the front shield. Mio amico Jim!

Yes, of course I fitted the Abarth-silencer. No accessories on the wall!
Here you can see the original light green colour of a Vespa Utiliaria.
The former owner had a extra bicycle lamp on the front fender. I won't!

Brand new saddle cover.

I get a kick out of U...sorry!

Happy! Even without the left side cowl. Felice, senza sinistra cofano.

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