Saturday, 2 April 2011

Svalan Scooter is cool

Me on my Swedish Svalan Scooter from 1954. The picture is taken by my good friend Jim on the 19th of february 2011. We participated in a veteran winter rally that was held in Östersund, right about in the middle of Sweden.
The temperature was minus 22 degrees Celsius when we started. Yes, freezing cold indeed. But it was a beautiful sunny day in a breathtaking landscape.

Molto freddo e tanti neve, ma il scooter svedese d'Epoca andave come una Vespa!

The Svalan Scooter was built in the city of Falun between 1954-1955. Only about 100 was built due to heavy heating problems and that it was inferior in every aspect to Vespa and Lambretta.
It is powered by a 128 cc big JB-engine, also Swedish, delievering 4,5 hp. The wheels are 14-inch and the rims were made in Italy, so was the head lamp. One of it's drawbacks is that it only has two gears! Cheaper to build...

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  1. Minus 22 degrees. Thank God there was no wind factor, since you're driving a Svalan ;-)