Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A visit at Vittorio's!

The museums first room, only for Lambretta's!

On the way home to Sweden after our Italian holiday, a stop in Rodano outside Milano came about. I just had to take a look at Vittorio Tessera's new museum. The story is that he has bought a building in the industrial area of Rodano. Here he can accomodate museum, ware house and workshop in the same building.
The new museum is divided in three larger rooms and one small.
The biggest - of course - displaying all kinds of Lambrettas. Among them the weird Argentinian Siambretta.
The second room is devoted to scooters from other countries. Japanese, German, Belgian, French, Austrian and British makes are on display. Sadly no Swedish...
The third room, or the first if yoy use the right entrance, have Vespa's and other Italian model's. And som of the oldest scoot's, from the 20's and so on (not my cup of tea). The smallest room contains some racing Lambrettas and the two-cylinder factory prototype.
- Now it's enough. I have 160 or so scooters. It has to be a very special scooter from now on if I'll buy another one, Vittorio told me when he showed me the museum.
All the 160 scooters aren't displayed in the musuem, some are stored.
So, here is a first look at the "Museo Scooter & Lambretta".
There will be more in the future!

Lambretta Vega 75 cc.

A ice-cream vendor's dream machine!

Vittorio has enlarged old photos, for that lovely nostalgic feel!

A yellow B, the colour ordered by the Innocenti family.

Lambretta 150 D from 1955.

Bastert Einspurauto, the german luxury scooter.

An Austrian KTM Mecky from 1958. With a Sachs 50 cc.

Belgian and strange, a Phenix 175 cc from 1954.

Fuji Rabbit S12 from 1947, the first japanese scooter.

Strange, an American Powell C 47 from 1947.

The Soviet copy, Wjatka. A crude Vespa GS 1955...

Faro basso 1956 and the front of the magazine
Motociclismo presenting the Vespa's debut.

The new premises of both the museum and Casa Lambretta.  Very close to the old place.

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