Sunday, 29 May 2011

The 1951 faro basso Vespa

This is the faro basso (low light or lampe unten) from the very first post in my blog. Thought it was time to show all of it. Somehow the Vespa is very beautiful in it's sad state. 
It was destined for the scrapyard when a friend of mine showed up at the old farmhouse to valuate an old Mercedes-Benz. Fortunately he thought of me and rescued the Vespa. The engine is seized, no side cowls or saddle. The road is visible through the floor...
It also seems to have been repainted sometime in a primer-like colour. I like that it has no speedometer, from 1953 the Vespa 125 (VM1) were sold in Sweden with a speedo as standard.
The plans? Well, I have some other scooters in line for restoration...
Could this in a distant future be a basis for Sei Giorni-replica?

The fan cowl was filled with material from the nature. The work of ants?

The headlamp has been seriously beaten.
The gas tank, I haven't examined it. Will there be rust?

No cylinder-cowl, I think I have a spare one.


  1. sell it to me and I will blow my money on it restoring it, as I have with other scooters. There are no Faro Basso in New Zealand :-(

  2. Hi fiftiesdesign!
    Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the word "sell". Please explain!

  3. Thats where you make your lady friend happy by getting rid of some of that "old kak" that steals you away from her, and she suspects is quietly milking you of all your spare cash that should be spent reaffirming your love for her with rings and things.
    What I propose is that I retard some of my own future ambitions and opportunities by passing on to you a sum of money for that "old kak" that most people wouldn't understand.
    Of course you will immediately invest it in a ridiculous 10 year project, like a vespa microcar?
    Anyway, just been handed some VS1 handlebars....thinking of building a VS1 around them!
    Love the blog!

  4. Kak? I consider it being "garden art", well, some debate about that with the missus. The neighbour's gardens lack this kind of enchancement of the property's value.
    Just keep track of the wife's hair dresser's bills, and you're in the clear.

  5. Hi Jah Seagrove, if intersted take a look at our 6 giorni replicas. Purely transformed with love and craftmanship in Italy :)
    Fabio (brotto Trasformazione Vespe)