Sunday, 15 May 2011

This is Rolf who owned my U

This is Rolf  in 1958, just after he bought a used Vespa 125 U.

As I've told you, I am the third owner of my Vespa U. The first owner was a dentist student who bought it new 1953 in Gothenburg. He later moved near Stockholm and in 1958 he sold it on to Rolf. 
According to Rolf's widow he thought it needed a refurbishment. Especially the paint was bad. He resprayed in the light blue colour it has today. This was done in his basement with a vacuum cleaner as a compressor for his paint sprayer. He also upgraded the spartan U with foot lists from a VNA1T and a saddle from a VM1-VM2, slightly bigger and with elliptical instead of conical saddle springs and a spring at the front of the saddle. 
In the picture you can see that it still has the original U-lists, solid without rubber. You can also see a small crack in the engine cowl, a friend of mine has a crack on the exact same spot on his U. Rolf also mounted a small bicycle lamp on the front fender à la faro basso.
Rolf and his wife used the Vespa U for two years until they could afford a Volvo Amazon, modell 121.

Nella fotografia è Rolf, il secondo propretario della mia Vespa Utilitaria. Ha fatto un aggiornamento in 1958. Ha montato alcuni cosi più moderno di il sua "nuova" Vespa. Più tardi ha comprato un Volvo. Rolf ha giudato la Vespa solo per due anni.

Below is an advert from a Swedish motoring magazine from 1953. 

Il parole svedese "Sensation" tradotto con la parole italiano: sensazione. La lingua svedese non è difficile!

Maybe it's possible to understand also for you who speaks english...

The U was called "Populär" in Sweden. 
The front page from 1953 with an older faro basso,

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