Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rideout to Lillehammer, VWD 2011

On friday there was a rideout to Lillehammer, host of the 1994 winter olympics. About 500 Vespas (and one Lambretta!) joined in for the 120 km tour. The oldest was a 1950 "Rod" model, from Sweden, and a italian 1954 VM2-model. Fortunately the route was beside the big E6-road. Nice backroads, with lot of curves.
20 minutes before start I discovered a flat backtire on my Vespa U, due to a small nail. I changed to the 50 year old sparewheel, only to discover that the hub was a bit loose. Thank's to Vespa Club Stockholm I could loan a 180 SS. Big difference in performance!
On top of Lillehammer all the vespistis could enjoy the breathtaking view.
I have some nice pictures from along the rideout, hope to show them tomorrow.

On top of the mountain above Lillehammer.

The Lambretta who sneaked in among the Vespas.

I had to borrow this Vespa 180 SS from Paka, member of Vespa Club Stockholm. Luckily enough they had an extra Vespa with them. Twice the horsepower compared to my Vespa U.

Vespa Club Roma was represented, one of the oldest clubs as you can see. The big tent in the background was for the pub-nights and the gala dinner.

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