Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Norway, here we come!

Yes, the Vespa U is loaded in my family bus. Very convenient. And sorry to say. The right way to go to Vespa World Days is on a Vespa. From my home in Stockholm to Gjövik it's about 800 km, mostly through woods once you leave Stockholm. And it could have been a beautiful trip, doing about 60-65 km/h.
But I could'nt start yesterday. And I have to be in Gothenburg in Sweden on Saturday, 800 km more...
So I have to break up before VWD ends, sob!
For me it is a case of enjoy half of the event or nothing at all. So the Vespa is a trailer queen...
I've read some reports from some italian Vespisti that drives all the way. Some complaints about rain and temperature. "14 degrees, in daytime" they write in the Vesparesources forum. And expensive food, lot's of "amburgo". Wait until you see the food prices in Norway...

Og til lykke på Norges nasjonaldag alle nordmenn!

Buon viaggio, tutti i Vespisti! Ci vediamo in Norvegia!

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