Tuesday, 3 May 2011

World Cup 1958, on Vespa

A Swedish photo-book from 1958, after Sweden hosted the World Cup in soccer. Waving in the big picture is Lennart "Nacka" Skoglund, a legend in Swedish and Italian soccer. In Sweden he represented AIK and Hammarby and in 1950 he went to FC Internazionale, Milan. Later he played for Sampdoria and Palermo in Italy.
When the World Cup was held in Stockholm the Swedish Vespa-importer Como M&T Bjerke took the chance to promote their scooters. "Nacka" Skoglund is sitting on a "Vespa Touring" (swedish name), a special exportmodel from 1957-1958, VGL, with 150 cc/6 hp and 10-inch wheels as opposed to the VL1-3 which had 8-inch wheels and the Vespa GS 150 with 8 hp and 10-inch.
The three guys on Vespa's are World Cup-officials. Below two guys from Como M&T Bjerke celebrating a motoring magazines anniversary. Then a girl in a Vespa 400.

Mondiali di calcio 1958 è stato in Stoccolma, Svezia. Lennart Skoglund, famoso giacotore di calcio per Inter, Sampadoria e Palermo, ha fatto PR per Vespa. Il modello "Touring" è stato speciale per Svezia, 150 cc e 6 CV ma ruote 10 pollici.  

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