Sunday, 3 April 2011

Eurovespa Roma 1960

In 1960 the Eurovespa was held in Rome, celebrating the Olympic Games that took place in the eternal city. The "vespisti" participated during the opening ceremony besides their own activities.
A young man from Sweden, PB Möller, decided to join the festivities. He left Stockholm on his newly bought Vespa GS 150 and drove the whole way to Rome. He wasn't a keen member of the Vespa society but choose to go anyway. After Eurovespa he went on vacation in Liguria before heading home.

After some years he sold his Vespa and never bought one again.
But, he kept his trophies until 2008!
That's when I could lay my greedy hands on them. He was somewhat aware of that this kind of stuff is desirable, so it wasn't cheap. But I'm glad to have saved this piece of Vespa history. 

The banner with # 349 speak for itself. The other banner with badges is made of elkskin, PB had it made back in Sweden. Then there is the portfolio with his name and number.
I also bought his old helmet!

A la Eurovespa 1960 a Roma un giovane Svedese ha partecipato. Ha mantenuto i varie souvenirs per quasi 50 anni. I placche e meraviglioso, anche la bandiera.


  1. wow, very cool artifacts.
    I like those country vespa club badges.

  2. Thanx! The badges were hot during the fifties and sixties among "vespisti". You had several from your own country and then you traded them for foreign ones. Some attached them directly on the front shield, if you had many you were ubercool...

  3. Great. I bought a collection last week. I was very lucky. There were several badges including the EuroVespa of Rome, barcelona 1957, Paris and Cortina
    I have the same you have, from the EuroVespa in Cortina Italia 1963, badge, platsic map with number including al the papers of the Dutchmen who rode with it. And the program of these days. It's beautiful. It's great.