Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Small bits of a Vespa 125 U 1953

Yeah, bits and pieces arrived at my house. The old Swedish registration number starting with a B tells that it "lived" in the county of Stockholm, as opposed to vehicles with an A who belonged to Stockholm City. You can spot the kick start lever in the cardboard box. Special for this model, altough I wonder if the lever for the model 125 VN2T (1956-1957) is similar.

Those were the days, Michelin tyres "fabbricato in Italia - Torino".

The engine number with the right prefix; VU1M.

The headlamp was mounted on the handlebars, a first for Italian-built Vespas. German and british built Vespas beat the italians to it. But if you look at the Allstate from 1952 it had a handlebar mounted headlamp before the Utiliaria, and was built in Italy.

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