Monday, 25 April 2011

Guys in Tuscany, uomi in Toscana

Can guys all over the world get together over a piece of machinery? On vacation in summer 2010 in the north of Tuscany, in the small village Gallicano, near Lucca. I displayed my interest in all things Vespa and Lambretta. One of the neighbours showed me his Vespa 50 Special from 1978.
He had to rearrange his garage to get out in the sunlight. Probably the first time in many years. We tried to kickstart it. The word scintilla was used, I lerned that it means "spark". That and very old petrol stopped the Vespa from starting. Not even the jumpstart's from Carlo's friend Adriano helped.
Later that evening Carlo invited me for some espresso and sambuca. He speaks no english and my italian is limited. Anyway, it was a pleasant evening.

Carlo checks on his Vespa 50 S 1978, first time in many years.
Questa sono Carlo è Adriano. Due uomi ho incontrato a Gallicano estate 2010. Ero in vacanza con la mia famiglia. Carlo mi ha fatto vedere la sua Vespa. Io apresi un nuvo parole del lui: scintilla! La Vespa 50 S da 1978 non ando...

His friend Adriano tries a jumpstart, all in vain.

"Vecchia benzina è debole scintilla", old petrol and no spark is the verdict.
These guys worked in small shop. Can you see the 1963 Vespa 50 in the back?
The Piaggio workshop above is nearby Gallicano, in Fornaci di Barga. Mostly they serve new scooters and motorcycles. But they also tend to old Vespas. The smallframe in the foreground, but more interesting, you can see the front fender and wheel in the back. It's a 1963 Vespa 50 getting a magnificent restoration.

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