Sunday, 10 April 2011

Vespa 125 U - lightning up

One thing that I wanted to rectify was the headlamp on my Vespa 125 U, but not in the colour Piaggio painted it in 1953. The paint had been removed by the former owner and during the years replaced with some ugly grime.

The headlight that came with scooter are at the far right, the rim was dented and no glass. The black one is a find from a fair a couple of years ago. Why it's black is a mystery, it appears to be NOS, new old stock. So I bereaved it from the rim and the glass, 95 mm by the way. In the middle handlebars with yet another lamp. Three on the same picture, a world record?

Il faro era povero, per fortuna ho aveto altri due.
After sanding and priming, the back light also got an overhaul:

Il risultato finale, un colore di Volvo.
La cooperazione tra la Svezia e l'Italia!
Colore non originali, ma bellissima penso.

It ended up like this! Once again, wrong colour, but nice I think. 
It's actually a Volvo colour.

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