Sunday, 11 September 2011

Carello, pillion seat and sparewheel holder

The last day of the Imola fair and market has ended. I think it was at least 33 degrees C today. It's overwhelming, in the end you have to exclude lot's of sellers in order to remain sane. I'm used to Swedish fairs where "Scooter parts? That's the guy with yellow cap and the big nose who sells that stuff". So it's a lot of resting during these fairs.
In Imola there is gems everywhere. Below is some of my findings: the Carello "half moon" fog lights intended for my Vespa GS 160 and a horn cover. The fog lights have nice yellow bulbs with the thread intact. They are marked "fendinebbia", nebbia is fog in Italian and fendi might be another word for faro, light.

I also bought a sparewheel holder for Lambretta. Some surface rust but after sandblasting and paint it will be like new. Never seen one of these in Sweden.

I also found a pillion seat for faro basso or Utilitaria. It's sort of anatomic compared to the flat ones I have since before. It was very dirty but thanks to the bathroom in the hotel, some water and soap, it shines! Well...
It is marked "Valentina Valenza Po Gommapiuma Pirelli". Sounds like poetry to me, don't you think?

Once again, the 80's are back!


  1. Very cool stuff! 33 degrees is pretty warm, we were pretty close to that here today. Apparently it is supposed to get cooler in the coming week. I am not ready for that yet, the heat just arrived here. It has been a terrible summer up until now.

  2. I have a similar sparewheel holder which was in series III Lammy originally imported to Finland in mid sixties. Probably they imported those to Sweden too.

    It works well and holds my oil bottle also.