Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Imola: Vespa and Vespa and...

The sun, an umbrella and a Vespa, you don't need more.

Well, what can I say. This was the first time I gave up taking pictures of all the Vespas at a fair. In Sweden that's actually possible. At Imola, no. 
Okay, I didn't see a 98, an Utilitaria or a GS "cavi esterni" (VS1). They were home by the collectors. 
It would have been fun to see an Allstate from USA also. 
Otherwise their were Vespas from 1949 to present.
I'm basically a 50's and 60's man, but the 80's are creeping up on me. The overpimped PX's with Yankee-seats white plastic trim is, well, digestable.
Yeah, I also missed seeing any Longhi sidecars.
And if I have made any mistakes, please rectify in a comment or so.

This would be a "Roman Vacanzes".

This one too, but this one should be left alone.

Here is a faro basso, VM1 or VM2. 

Cosa, they get more beautiful by each year passing by...

A JPS smallframe should be at Imola!

I'm only guessing: VNB4 with original sidecar, custom paint.

Some PK, I like the white accessories.

Widebody with a hideous flyscreen.
This sad lot waited for their new masters...

A 1951-1952 "Roman Holiday" with two sparewheels.

A mixed lot, even a Lambretta and some engines.

Some small frames and to the far right a "Struzzo", VL1-VL3.

GS 160, first series.

French Acma, about 1955-1956.


  1. Haha, that "hideous flyscreen" looks like a set of Vespa Antlers!

  2. Hi "Out"!
    Had to google Antlers, hjorthorn in Swedish, corna di cervo in italiano.
    Spot on!

  3. Nick Gill fifties_design@yahoo.com16 September 2011 at 00:03

    Ciao from New Zealand! Love the blog!
    The "Widebody with a hideous flyscreen." is a Vespa VNA circa 1959-1961.
    The "125 F with accessories." is in fact a C model, "Cool extension to the legshield." is also a C model.
    Very interesting about the Barchetta/roman holiday/faro basso terminology as I had not realised either. Thank you! Is a 98 the same as a bachetta then?
    All the best!

  4. Grazie, Nick!
    No, I think that the 98 is "novantotto", nuff said...
    But then that one is divided in series. A first series was in Stockholm in, wait for it, april 1946! According to a period newspaper it was brought with an italian trade delegation.

  5. A french reader corrects me, he says that the Acma is from 1951-1952. Peut-^etre...